My PC Series

My PC Series training provider directory

The directory is a list of colleges, universities, libraries, and other community training organizations that are offering the My PC Series workshops to their community.

The directory is hosted on the My PC Student website along with workshop descriptions and post-class handouts. New students looking for basic PC training can find contact and location information for their closest My PC Series provider. Instructors familiar with the workshop curriculum can also use the directory to find teaching opportunities at organizations in their area.

Visit the My PC Series Training Provider Directory and please call your provider to confirm if they are teaching Windows 8 or Windows 7 curriculum.

How do I get added to the directory?

To be added to the My PC Series provider directory, you need to complete the registration process. While completing the registration form, check the box for the online directory and fill in the additional required fields.

What if I am already registered with My PC Series?

If you are already registered, you simply need to update your profile and opt into the online directory. Go to the profile review page and click the “Edit” button for the organization section. Select the check box for the online directory and fill out the additional required fields. We also recommend you review your profile settings for your organization name and your street address. The street address is used in a Bing Map search to show your organization’s location.

Can I be added if I am new to the My PC program?

Yes, to be added to the directory you only need to sign in and complete the registration process and opt into the online directory. We recommend that you download, review, and schedule workshop classes before listing yourself on the directory.

What if I am an instructor, how can I use the directory?

Instructors can use the directory in several ways. Instructors can find locations in their area that are currently or are intending to offer the My PC Series workshops. Instructors that have their own training facilities can also list themselves on the directory to help gain new customers.

My organization is listed twice, what do I do?

Each user that registers on the site can choose to be listed on the directory. We recommend that if you have multiple registered users that you coordinate to have only one user opt into the directory. Email askmypc for help to get unlisted from the directory.

My listing is not showing up?

If you have opted in to the My PC Series training providers directory, but your listing is not being displayed, go to the My PC Series profile page and review your address, city, state/province, zip/postal code and country fields.

The My PC Series training provider directory requires the use of a valid address that can be searched in Bing Maps. We recommend going to Bing Maps to test your address before adding it to your profile.

I need to have my organization unlisted, how can I do that?

If you are the registered user, go to the profile review page and edit your organization settings. If you are not the registered user or do not know who is, contact askmypc for more help.